Does Having a Dry Mouth Affect Your Oral Health?

Does Having a Dry Mouth Affect Your Oral Health?

Saliva plays a crucial role in the health of your mouth, keeping oral tissue clean and hydrated. When you don’t produce enough of this viscous liquid, you put your teeth and gums at risk of contracting countless dental problems only a family dentist in Spring Hill, TN, can fix. If you feel like you have a dessert inside your mouth, it’s high time you learn the cause of your dryness and the array of consequences this symptom entails.

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Why Is My Mouth Dry?

Xerostomia, more commonly referred to as a dry mouth, results from your salivary glands not being hydrated enough to produce a proper amount of saliva. This compound turns food into a paste your body can digest more efficiently, and it washes bacteria away from your teeth, gums, and tongue.

The most common reason behind a dry mouth is dehydration; for instance, when you exercise, your body destines the water in your body to produce sweat and keep you cool, and not much is left to make for saliva. However, there’re other factors to blame for your xerostomia, such as:

  • Old age
  • Medication
  • Stress
  • Snoring
  • Smoking

Regardless of the reason, having a dry mouth is no laughing matter. Xerostomia leaves your mouth vulnerable to plaque and tartar, which can deal a tremendous blow to your smile.

Oral Problems Caused by a Dry Mouth

Food Remain Build-ups

Saliva is a trusty ally of salty treat fanatics and people with a sweet tooth, as it takes care of the food around your teeth and gums and prevents harmful substances from giving you cavities. When there isn’t much saliva left to clean up after you eat, bacteria get a free pass to live inside your mouth and drill your tooth enamel. If you overlook this issue long enough, you might end up with one or more fallen teeth in your hands.

No Tooth Enamel Repair

Wiping the walls and floors of your mouth is only one of the functions of your saliva, as this compound is also responsible for restoring oral pH and repairing the surface of your teeth. As enjoyable as acidic and sweet meals are, they’re not a good match for your enamel because they erode this tooth layer and give it a yellow, worn-out look. Without saliva, your teeth don’t get to heal from the damage, becoming weak and ill.

Increased Gum Disease Risk

Your teeth aren’t the only ones suffering due to your dry mouth problem, as this issue is also detrimental to your gums. Saliva moisturizes and cleanses your gums, flushing out troublesome bacteria in the pockets between your teeth.

A dry mouth creates an idyllic environment for plaque and tartar, which make your mouth their forever home and cause gum swelling, bleeding, and recession. Because your mouth tissue is connected to other parts of your body, gum disease is bad news for your smile and other organs.

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Visiting Your Family Dentist in Spring Hill, TN, Can Prevent Dryness From Damaging Your Mouth

A dry mouth is more than a merely uncomfortable condition since it can bring about oral problems like cavities, gum disease, and damaged tooth enamel. By visiting one of our dependable family dentists, you’ll protect your mouth from the harmful effects of xerostomia. Contact our team today!