What Can Veneers Do for Your Smile?

What Can Veneers Do for Your Smile?

When you’re an adult, your busy life and packed schedule might stop you from visiting your dentist. As a result, your teeth might not look as straight or pearly as you hope, which can hinder your confidence and be detrimental to your oral health. Luckily, dentists in Spring Hill, TN, have a quick and easy fix for your slight dental imperfections: veneers. These caps work like a veil that covers your teeth, giving you a smile that boosts your self-esteem instead of affecting your confidence.

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What Are Veneers?

Unlike other tooth replacements like dental implants or bridges, veneers don’t take your tooth’s place; instead, dentists get your natural teeth ready and stick veneers over them. Once they’re in place, veneers mask the dental issues affecting your smile’s looks. Since they’re also made of resin, no one will be able to tell the difference between your natural teeth and your fake covers.

How Do Veneers Change Your Smile?

Straighten Your Teeth

Nine out of ten people in the US have misalignment issues, meaning that either genetic or trauma has rid them of a straight smile. If your teeth are severely crooked, orthodontics might be a more effective solution. Yet, when a tooth has barely shifted from its original position, veneers can conceal its bent appearance and give you a picture-perfect smile.

Cover Chips and Cracks

Children and adults alike can make a simple mistake and fall or get hit in the face. When your teeth suffer trauma, an accident can go from a funny anecdote to an unfortunate dentist visit. Your tooth might not have fallen or fractured, but a mere chip or crack can make your smile look worn down and neglected. If you find yourself in this situation, veneers can save the day by covering your uneven tooth and making it look like nothing happened.

Give You Whiter Teeth

We’ve all dreamed of a Hollywood-like smile with big teeth and a white finish, but that image fades when we look in the mirror and see yellowish and tarnished teeth. Several factors are to blame for the stains on your smile. For instance, not brushing your teeth enough times a day means that you don’t remove food remains and harmful bacteria on the surface of your teeth, allowing certain compounds to change the color of your smile.

Smokers are also vulnerable to stains, as nicotine lives in their mouths and takes teeth from shiny to opaque. When teeth whitening can’t take care of the issue, veneers are a semi-permanent fix to your staining troubles, covering any unpleasant-looking teeth for good.

Fix Tooth Gaps

Finally, an unpopular yet effective use for veneers is covering empty spaces between your teeth. As straight and white as a smile might be, it can still have gaps that give you a childish and uncared-for look. With veneers, you can make your teeth look bigger and fill the places your natural tooth can’t. By changing the size of your teeth, you’ll also enhance their aesthetics and have a reason to flaunt your smile.

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Veneers in Spring Hill, TN, Can Be Your Way Toward a Beautiful Smile

By contacting a professional, you will mimic your real teeth perfectly and stay safe from complications. Book a visit with a dentist in Spring Hill, TN, today to get top-quality veneers and give your smile the shape, shade, and size you want.