Why Don’t People Brush Their Teeth?

Why Don’t People Brush Their Teeth?

When dental professionals ask how often their patients brush their teeth, most people usually respond they strictly follow the “two to three times a day” rule. However, dentists know this isn’t always the case, as one doesn’t necessarily have the time, memory, or knowledge to understand how vital tooth brushing is. If you feel you’re not as consistent with brushing your teeth as you should, this list of reasons might help you identify the root of the problem and change your ways before your next visit to your dentist in Spring Hill, TN.

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Reasons You Might Not Be Brushing Your Teeth as Often

A Tight Schedule

Adults tend to put their busy schedules over other daily tasks and don’t pay enough attention to the remaining aspects of their lives. Therefore, they might think eating a mint or using mouthwash before a morning meeting suffices to keep bacteria and plaque away. Even though not brushing your teeth often has few short-term effects on your smile, it gives food remains a free ticket to attack your gum line and teeth and eventually causes severe decay. 

If you don’t brush because you forget or don’t believe it’s a priority, learn more about the importance of this healthy habit and schedule a daily reminder to start doing it twice every day.

No Problematic Dental History

It’s hard to understand how dangerous not brushing is when you haven’t experienced the consequences, and this is the case for many people with no former dental issues. Genetics can make you more prone to cavities or gum disease, but they can also bless you with strong teeth that don’t get infections as often. You might believe your teeth are invincible if you haven’t had an extraction or got a root canal. However, even if your smile has always been healthy, you must brush and floss frequently to keep it that way.

An unproblematic dental history doesn’t protect you against future problems, so try to change your toothbrushing habit as soon as possible.


Sometimes, the reason isn’t as complex as a tight schedule or a cavity-free dental history; many people get lazy when it’s time to brush. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day: in the morning and before you go to sleep. Coincidentally, during these times of the day, people are usually the most tired and find brushing their teeth more time-consuming than it is.

If this is the case for you, read more about dental health or reward yourself with a healthy snack after you’re done to get much-needed motivation.

No Knowledge About Oral Health

Most dentists try to educate their patients aside from performing procedures to enhance oral health. Yet, not everybody knows how proper dental habits can improve their smile, so they overlook the role of tooth brushing. By learning about the factors that damage your teeth, gums, and tongue, you will want to brush more often to keep your smile healthy.

Some conditions you should read more about are:

not the correct amount of toothpaste according to a dentist in Spring Hill, TN

A Dentist in Spring Hill, TN, Can Teach You About Proper Dental Health

If you’re busy, lazy, or don’t know much about oral health, you might believe tooth brushing isn’t that important. By visiting a dentist in Spring Hill, TN, you can get a thorough cleaning and learn how to take proper care of your teeth at home. Contact a professional today to get the best-quality treatment.